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Move Arrow Over Picture to See Elijah when he First  Arrived at AFER

Elijah's Story

"Heaven Sent" A.K.A. "Elijah" Born 2002

Most cherished friend of Christine Distefano and the founding horse of:
Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue

Elijah had no name. He had no one who cared. He had never known freedom. Elijah was kept in a stall, small and dark, all 3 years of his young life. He was thrown hay sometimes, but never felt the hand of kindness. His feet grew to approximately 12 inches long. It hurt to stand. It hurt to move.

One day his owner chased him out of the stall along with 3 others, onto a trailer heading for the feedlot. They wait at the feedlot for the next trailer to arrive. That is the trailer that will take them to the slaughter house. They will be electrically probed to move down the chute. It is terrifying, the screams of pain and fear, the smell of blood. Man betrays our faithful friends, in exchange for money.

There are wonderful saints that find the feedlot and for a fee are allowed to post photos to try to sell these horses faster than that trailer can get there to take them to be slaughtered.

3,000 miles away, devastated beyond comprehension, one soul is divinely guided to another. Christine knew instantly this horse needed her, and she needed him. So, in honor of her beloved Rascal, who passed not 3 weeks prior, she paid Elijahís Ransom. Two angels transported him safely home in their fancy trailer. Tears of joy fell from Christineís eyes when she met Elijah for the first time on Sunday, May 15, 2005. The sweetest temperament. The most handsome face, with Rascalís expressions. He is safe now. Elijah will be loved. Christine made Elijah a promise that he would never do without again.


Elijah during Christmas 2005

Elijah during the first week he was here.